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1JustCity is an organization that seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse social justice work in the city of Winnipeg. When we think of a city that is founded on justice, where all are heard, are welcome, are cared-for, are celebrated and all are working together towards a Winnipeg that is even better: this is the goal of 1JustCity.

By engaging new partners, 1JustCity seeks to create awareness of the great allies working for social justice in Winnipeg. We are not Alone! 1JustCity wants to lift up the amazing innovative, compassionate, out-of-the-box initiatives being taken on by all sorts of Winnipeggers in the name of making our city better!

We are also a call: one that reaches out to and invites our neighbours to join us in action. As Richard Baschak (the Chair of 1JustCity) observes: our work and intention are “expressions of love in action and a yearning for justice.”

Working with existing outreach community ministries including Northend Stella Community Ministry, West Broadway Community Ministry, St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry, Rainbow Ministry and Oak Table Community Ministry,1JustCity seeks to sustain the amazing work being done on the front-line of poverty, of isolation and of struggle in our communities.

1JustCity stems from the previous work of 1Hope Winnipeg. This great work continues fostering hope, building welcoming community and responding to people`s needs, while also promoting positive social change. 1JustCity wants your input, your anger, your passion, your love for our city, and your vision for what our city could be!

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1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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We work with amazing partners & support the work for 5 non-for-profits
rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Church of Canada.
Learn more about them here.

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