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“I like it here, they look out for me, they know me. This is my family.”

Imagine a place where you don’t know anyone but you’re greeted warmly. Imagine being greeted with a big smile after working up the courage, maybe for days, maybe for weeks, to walk in and get some help. Imagine feeling like you belong, are welcome and knowing that now you can come back as long as you need to.

You make it possible for us to be what you imagined.

People come through our doors to eat, to get a haircut, to have a shower, to get clean socks and undergarments. They come to get what they don’t have the money to buy. They come here when they’re down on their luck or lonely. They come here for human connection.

1JustCity actively loves the under-loved.

We are where people come, to belong, to be accepted, to get a hug and experience love and to gain the means to build a better life. Because of you people are supported to build up themselves so they can in turn build up their communities.

We are filling in the cracks of broken lives, and we thank you so much for making possible our work with and for the least fortunate in our city.

1JustCity is an organization that supports four outreach sites in Winnipeg’s core neighborhoods: West Broadway, the North End, the West End and Osborne Village.  Our services include haircuts, showers, laundry, toiletries, and clean undergarments.

When you have wet socks, in a Winnipeg Winter, dry socks are a big change.” – Individuals living on the streets receiving your love through socks!

We also have community-based advocacy services and compassionate listeners whose role it is to connect people with the appropriate resources based on their circumstance.

“I can’t read, so I didn’t realize what my landlord was trying to get me to agree to. I can’t afford food never mind a lawyer type, coming here, someone read it with me and they didn’t look down on me because I couldn’t do it myself”

Across our four sites we have over 40 programs – whether it’s literacy, art, or music – all oriented towards people creating an identity for themselves that is not rooted in poverty.  For too many, poverty is all they see in themselves and, for too many others, their traumas and barriers get in the way of seeing themselves as having worth.

I never thought of my self as anything but a poor person. When I started in the art program, and I created things that were beautiful… it shocked me that I could do that. I guess there’s something beautiful in me too… “ 



1JustCity’s Escape Poverty Challenge


The goal of this event is to raise awareness about 1JustCity’s work serving Winnipeg’s underloved. We want to show you the impact we can all have by building a better city together.


Between November 14-18, the Escape Poverty Challenge will engage participants with a combination of challenges and opportunities to earn points by interacting with the community, collecting donate-able items and raising funds. This event will promote a cooperative effort, encourage community engagement and create a to positive personal image with a broad reach.


Start each day with a video — which will soon be posted below.


Ask your friends and family to participate in the Escape Poverty Challenge! There will be several drop-off locations across the city. Every participant will be eligible to win prizes on social media. Just tag @1JustCity #EPC along with the appropriate hashtag for the day.


Each challenge was created to bring awareness to struggles that people in poverty face every day.


Thank you to our sponsors:

Virgin Radio Winnipeg








And our generous prize donations come from:








Want to know more?? Contact Alicia Kondrat, the Escape Poverty Challenge Coordinator

t: 204-688-6751

2: kondrat.alicia@gmail.com



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