1JustCity Sysco Grocery Fundraiser

By 1JustCity
November 7, 2014
1Hope Winnipeg Sysco Grocery Fundraiser

1Hope Winnipeg
Sysco Grocery Fundraiser

Food is a universal need, one that too many are not able to access. Through the 5 community ministries of 1Hope Winnipeg many are fed and are welcome to the celebration of community that a meal can be. Feed yourself, your family and your community by supporting the 1Hope Winnipeg Sysco Grocery Fundraiser. Enjoy great prices on quality food and support the work of 1Hope Winnipeg.

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Due: November 19/14
Mail/Pick-up: 1Hope Winnipeg
c/o Winnipeg Presbytery
1622-B St. Mary’s Rd.
Winnipeg MB R2M 3W7
Fax: 204.233.3289
Email: 1hope@1hopewinnipeg.com

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1Hope Winnipeg Online?
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