A sweet tooth for justice

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
June 3, 2015

Remember when candy was the epitome of greatness!? When filling a bag of delectable sweets was something you could feel good about? You can again!!! This winter we were a part of several fun events where we talked about the work of 1JustCity and had a candy table set up. For a donation to the work of 1JustCity you got to be a kid again. Filling a small bag for a donation to a great cause means your sweet heart and sweet tooth can be simultaneously satisfied and you contribute to an organization that does tons of different work, including just today providing healthy sweets (fruit salad donated thanks to the Central Region In Business program) to adorable toddlers hanging out at the St Matthew’s-Maryland drop-in while their parents wait for food bank distribution.

In Solidarity,

Tessa Blaikie


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