A Women’s Leadership Movement

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
September 29, 2015


Celebrating 100 Years of a Women’s Leadership Movement – CGIT

By Tessa Whitecloud

I got invited to talk about my experiences of CGIT at the 100th anniversary of the group which was founded by some women drinking tea thinking about how there needed to be more leadership opportunities for young girls that focused on social issues and making a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Canadian Girls in Training under the leadership of Jesus to Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God and Serve Others, has changed the world. Although the movement is less subscribed to than it once was it continues to change the world. CGIT brought up generations of female leaders and anniversary organizer Karen Ilchena (my own CGIT leader) highlighted that by having speakers from different generations speak.
I spoke for the 90 and early 2000s, and I spoke after the only two female Lieutenant Governors of Manitoba. The first, Pearl McGonigal who was a long time community advocate, politician and continues to be involved in making Winnipeg better today. The second our current Lieutenant Governor the Honourable Janice Filman.
When I think about making Winnipeg a better city to be in and when I think of women in leadership I think of the staff at our member charities, 88% of which are women; Caryn Douglas at St Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, Connie Budd at North End Stella, Glynis Quinn & Glenda Knoll at Oak Table Community Ministry, Lynda Trono and her team of Ginny, Candace & Zyta at West Broadway Community Ministry.
When I think back to my days in CGIT it was where I first learned about food security issues, a small taste of what it means to be a refugee during a simulation, how to include those who don’t fit in and make space for them in a group, what it meant to honour Aboriginal Spirituality and learn from an Elder and so much more. All of this informs my work, my life and my soul still everyday!
Thank you CGIT leaders Past, Present and Future for all you do for women’s leadership!

Tessa Whitecloud with the Honourable Janice Filman


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