Building a just Winnipeg together

Reaching Out

Reaching Out

1JustCity actively loves the under-loved. 

We are where people come, to belong, to be accepted, to get a hug and experience love and to gain the means to build a better life. Because of donors just like you people are supported to build up themselves so they can in turn build up their communities. 

We are filling in the cracks of broken lives, from a warm meal all the way to advocacy. 

1JustCity is an organization that supports four outreach sites in Winnipegs core neighborhoods: West Broadway, the North End, the West End and Osborne Village.  Our services include daily meals, art, senior’s programs, haircuts, showers, laundry, toiletries, and clean undergarments.

Each of outreach sites (West Broadway, St. Matthew’s-Maryland, Oak Table, and Northend Stella) serve those living with addictions, those without a place to call home, or those shunned by others based on race, income and sexual orientation. The need for their presence continues to grow, especially in these times of economic stress.

We hope we can help you find that avenue.

We believe that everyone would like to make their city,
their country and their world a better place
but just need the right avenue to express their gift.

Our Mission

1Justcity’s mission is to strengthen and sustain social justice work in Winnipeg through the financial support of its member charities.

Our Vision

1JustCity works towards a city that is founded on justice, where all are heard, all are welcome, all are cared-for, all are celebrated and all are working together.

Our Partners

Oak Table

Oak Table Inc.


A place to gather, 1JustCity at Oak Table hosts roughly 120 guests daily for food, companionship, and more. Oak Table offers health and wellness activities including a booming art program! Working with folks who’ve had barriers preventing them from finding safe housing or secure employment, Oak Table provides skill development opportunities for community members; and seeks to build community capacity for self-advocacy, self-esteem and self-reliance.

Oak Table also provides supports for mental health issues, including addictions that are culturally sensitive, and aims to meet people where they are. In building community Oak Table works at breaking down barriers of class, race, and culture that too frequently divide us. Located in the heart of Osborne Village Oak Table is active in that community working with other local partners, businesses, faith groups and more on concerns relating to safety, welcoming and justice in the neighbourhood.

St. Matthew’s-Maryland

St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry

Grounded in love, 1JustCity at St. Matthew’s-Maryland builds community well-being; works for justice; and nurtures hope within individuals and families in West Central Winnipeg.

They attempt to balance meeting basic needs, enabling personal transformation, and working for social change through a variety of programs. Everything from offering an emergency food program for families, small collaborative economic initiatives to help people learn employability skills, providing a venue for artist circles, supplies and soulful creativity time, to also running a drop-in space where people can come to be filled – filled with snacks, filled with the joy of someone caring, filled with the worth of someone listening, and filled with a sense of belonging.

West Broadway

West Broadway Community Services

West Broadway Community Services Inc. (WBCS) is run out of the Crossways in Common building and provides a safe, accepting environment in which services and programs are offered to respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families within the West Broadway neighbourhood. As part of the 1JustCity family, WBCS seeks to enable and sustain community among those who are isolated. Their work has three aims; responding to urgent needs; promoting self-help and skill development; advocating in matters of social justice.

1JustCity seeks to catalyze social justice and build a more just Winnipeg and WBCS carries this work out in the West Broadway area. In cooperation with area residents, community groups, local organizations, government, churches and other faith groups, WBCS develops a shared vision for an improved community and then works towards that vision. WBCS’s love for all is expressed in active, practical and concrete ways.

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1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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We work with amazing partners & support the work for 5 non-for-profits
rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Church of Canada.
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