Be Not Afraid Award

By 1JustCity
June 11, 2015

is being presented by the Provincial Council of Women Manitoba to
Lynda Trono: social activist, feminist, community educator and deeply committed person of faith.

The annual award is presented to a Manitoba woman who has demonstrated a creative activist response in an attempt to bring about social or political change for women.

Lynda has a long list of accomplishments but two recent activities were cited in her nomination. In 2012, Lynda envisioned and played a key role in orchestrating the “12 Shoes of Christmas Campaign” calling for an increase in welfare rates (EIA). (See Make Poverty History Manitoba for more information, The Campaign resulted in bringing substantial public pressure on the Provincial Government, which announced a raise in rates in 2013. Illustrating Lynda’s ability to blend community development with social activism, the campaign achieved many goals: built consensus and a coalition among widely diverse groups, increased public and media attention, and brought creativity and fun to the hard work of making change. Raising EIA will positively impact Manitoba women as poverty disproportionately affects women, especially single women with children.

In 2014, Lynda was one of a small group of women concerned about the inter-faith tensions around the world, and particularly in Winnipeg, resulting from global situations of violence between ethnic and religious groups. The women decided to make visible interfaith solidarity and action for peace by starting a weekly circle of silence for peace. Lynda has played the key role in administrating the circle; supporting and encouraging a wide variety participants. This kind of public expression of interfaith solidarity is not easy to achieve and is a landmark activity. Any actions that condemn violence, are actions taken in support of women. The circle is held each Tuesday at 12:15 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, with their permission.

About Lynda
Lynda Trono

Lynda Trono

Currently Lynda is the Community Minister at West Broadway Community Ministry (Anglican and United Churches). She has also served United Church congregations in Winnipeg and held the portfolio for Youth and Social Justice throughout Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Lynda grew up near Kingston, Ontario and attended Queen’s University, earning a degree in French translation. Two years teaching English in Nigeria with CUSO in the early 1980s was the major turning point in her life; coming face to face with deep poverty and her first encounter with both Islam and Christianity. Embracing the Christian faith, when she returned to Canada she studied in Toronto to become a Diaconal Minister (diaconate) in the United Church of Canada. Equipped by her studies with a feminist and social analysis, Lynda has been an educator and activist throughout her ministry.

Lynda has training as a Counselor Advocate for Assaulted Women and Children (George Brown College, Toronto), Conflict and Mediation (Menno Simons and Mediation Services), and Theology (University of Winnipeg). After her son converted to Islam, she became active in multifaith work. She was on the Manitoba Multifaith Council from 2008 -2015, and Chair of its Education Committee. In 2009 she attended the Parliament of the World Religions and has since been an advocate for the Charter for Compassion movement ( In 2015 she became the Program Chair for the North American Interfaith Network.

About the Award

The award was initiated by UNPAC (United Nations Platform for Action Committee, Manitoba) in 2013 to honour Jennifer deGroot, UNPAC’s long serving Executive Director. For nearly 20 years UNPAC had a mandate to improve social and economic conditions for all women throughout Manitoba, working locally with a view to global conditions for women. UNPAC’s origins were at the 1995 UN Fourth World Conference on Women, in Beijing.

In August, 2014, UNPAC was dissolved as an organization. The continuation of the UNPAC Activist award through the Provincial Council of Women Manitoba, serves as a legacy to this uniquely Manitoban organization and the good work that it accomplished.

The 2014 recipient of the award was actor, playwright and producer, Debbie Patterson.

Conferred upon the recipient is a “Not Afraid to Get My Hands Dirty” apron and certificate. A quilt honouring all the recipients will be publicly displayed by the PCWM and the recipients.

The award ceremony is part of the Provincial Council of Women Manitoba “Celebrating Women Gala”, Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at the Viscount Gort Hotel, Winnipeg. Tickets ($40) are available at (204) 992-2751 and at McNally Robinson, Grant Park.

Recipients of other awards at the Gala: Dr. Donna Chow, Carolyn Garlich, Luella Noble, and Maxine Balbon. There will be refreshments, the Colleen Morrison Jazz Trio, a Rainbow Auction and door prizes.

For more information: Maxine Balbon,,

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