Beat the Summer Heat – Help Winnipeg’s underloved have a joyful summer…

By 1JustCity
May 25, 2017


Fun for some, Dangerous for Winnipeg’s underloved….


These are just a few of the struggles that Winnipeg’s underloved are facing as the weather warms. You’re the difference! You can create a joyful summer for those who need you!

We’re still glowing over here at 1JustCity thanks to all the support that you showed us throughout the long, cold winter. THANK YOU! Because of you, Winnipeg’s underloved had access to Just a Warm Sleep on our coldest winter nights. Because of you, people experiencing poverty, mental illness, or simply bad luck, had a place to find a hot cup of coffee and good conversation to help pass the winter months. But our work is not done and we still need you!

Summer is fast approaching. The summer heat presents new struggles for people living in poverty. In the daily lives of Winnipeg’s underloved, access to a cool space to escape the threat of sunstroke or a cold drink of water to keep hydrated may be rare. Together, we can ensure that all of Winnipeg’s underloved have a place to go on those hot summer days, for a cool down and a drink of water and maybe even some sunscreen for the road. Your contribution will allows us to provide water, food, sunscreen, and other necessities this summer. With your help we provide relief, come whatever weather this crazy province throws at us this summer.

Donate today to provide Winnipeg’s underloved with access to essentials this summer.


Become a monthly donor to continue fighting for a just Winnipeg through every season!


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