A Great Read! A Great Talk! and More Coming!

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
January 5, 2016

Wab at book club 2

We had a great discussion with Wab Kinew about Reconciliation and being an ally in the Winnipeg context, and all of our learnings including more questions from reading Inconvenient Indian!

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Here are some highlights from our Fall Book Club.

From Our Reading Of Inconvenient Indian

I want to share….

“You’ll see yourself in these pages, you’ll see your unintentional racist thoughts, you’ll see your thinking patterns and how they’re wrong, and you’ll know the errors in your own ways of thinking, you’ll feel as if he read your mind then successfully challenged all of your thoughts.”

“This book provides the historical context of how we got here, to these struggles today”

“This book confirms that the history I learnt as a child was a scam! Through is ability to tell the story so we could look at settler superiority critically – for example they (white people) get to make mistakes as individuals not representatives of their entire race

“This book will make clear why we need to live up to our treaty obligations”

“We are so critical for First Nations governments and yet were spending money on fighter jets and senate scandals, how come we have the right to be hypocritical?”

“The Diversity of First Nations was used against them to fragment their rights to serve colonization”

“This book is the background to why we needed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it’s the map of the systemic colonial injustice that lead to residential schools.”

“The fear of not knowing leads to division, I can not build a loving relationship with someone I do not know, especially without the knowledge of what’s happened.”

We also asked our book club readers to answer ” Reconciliation Matter to ME because”

“ITS 2015(6)”

“Our government has a treaty responsibility to right this wrong”

““Being Inclusive Betters the Economy”

We have a responsibility to right this wrong”

“Its Fair”

“Justice Sinclair says it took Seven Generations to get into the trouble we’re in, it will take Seven to get out, lets start now!”

“Its What should Be”

“Equality can’t be erasure, reconciliation challenges assimilation.”

“I want a Peaceful country”

And you?

Wab at book club

Thank you to Wab Kinew for joining us for this great conversation!

Special thanks to Katherine our amazing volunteer, who when you join the Winter book club will send you chapter summaries.

Please do join us!





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