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By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
June 9, 2015
St. John's United Church Thompson, MB

St. John’s United Church
Thompson, MB

This weekend I had the pleasure of talking about 1JustCity with people up in Thompson, MB.

I spoke to a group from the Lutheran United Church about the way that 1JustCity does Social Justice. 1JustCity has a faith background and a strong belief that what we do for others is done because it advantages all involved, because we love all parties involved and because all are loved, divinely, by Creator. Out of this love is not only an acceptance but an affirmation that we are all of different faiths, belief systems and spiritualities and that all of these have value. We share our gifts of love with only the intention of letting others know we care, not to convert but to acknowledge, accept and embrace difference in our communities.

We have a talent within 1JustCity that is provided by our faith, we believe! We Believe in a better reality where systems of oppression are broken down, we believe in a better city where all are nurtured and cared for, and we believe that change can happen, because it has! Many battles on racism, feminism, colonialism and more have yet to be won but many my friends have already been won!

The group in Thompson were very supportive!

Not only were they friendly but they were also honest. I had gone up there for the Northern MB skateboard championships that my fiancé was emcee for. When they asked what I was in town for all of them readily admitted that they never thought it was for skateboarding. Skateboarders make great community, I have recently been welcomed into it and am learning to try obstacles, always with a helmet. I have gotten tips for balance, high-fives from strangers and more encouragement than in formal organized sports. It is a place to be different and belong, to build individual skills and bolster community, and to be cared for, celebrated and empowered. For many skateboarding might also be a place for battles are to be won, battles against the prejudices that may jump into our own minds, against the isms we have ingrained in us, and these are battles I am happy to fight within myself, and to align myself with those doing the same everyday!

In solidarity,

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