Easter morning meal

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
March 27, 2018

A meal for a meal – your donation for 1 buys 2! 

As one of the supporters of 1JustCity’s Just a Warm Sleep you know that we have to make the call based on the weather forecast which makes it hard to plan in advance. We just confirmed we’ll be open this weekend and we’d like to do something a bit special for Easter. Why? Well Haley, our amazing Volunteer Coordinator for Just a Warm Sleep bumped into a sleeper yesterday night after we’d made the call. The sleeper was preparing for a night outside and Haley chatted with her about options. Then Haley told her that we were opening for the weekend – the woman’s face become emotional and she said it meant a lot to her to know she wouldn’t be waking up outside Easter morning. 

Like you, Haley has a big heart – and wanted to do something nice for our sleepers for the Easter weekend.


Feast Cafe will donate someone’e breakfast for every dinner you buy!

Your $10 donation will give a sleeper a nice dinner & breakfast in the morning. Your generosity already made it possible for the warm sleep in-between.

And if you donate $50 towards this holiday meal before it’s served on Saturday – you’ll get a $10 gift card with your thank you to try Feast Cafe Bistro yourself
(PS: Get the bison ribs) 




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