Help Escape Poverty!

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
May 18, 2017

What if you were tasked with Escaping Poverty?

Well we put 3000 high school students to the test this past Fall and it was a success!!!!

Thanks to volunteer, Alicia Kondrat, the Escape Poverty Challenge (EPC) had six schools and small businesses participating in a week’s worth of challenges simulating the struggles of poverty.

First students had to find a new way to get to school- transportation is a huge expense to those in poverty.

Then go a day without socks (IN NOVEMBER!) – can’t afford the small things.

Students also had to book a volunteer shift & do a random act of kindness to start building a better city and of course all week they also learnt & fundraised

The EPC raised over $8500 in cash donations, and 14 carloads of donations!

Items that go right into the hands of those in need of them!

You’re already thinking – that should happen again! Or maybe you’re thinking – I want to do that with my work place!

Well – here’s your opportunity to make that happen! We have a matching grant of $10,000

if you contribute $100 today – that means $200 for a full time position focused on events like the Escape Poverty Challenge – a position that will be self-sustaining and bring in needed cash & items to the outreach sites! Just as important EPC will make sure that the next generation are problem solvers & community leaders– like you!

OR by June 30th


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