Just a Warm Sleep – all Wrapped UP!

By 1JustCity Citizen
May 9, 2017

You made it right! It was frigid and wet.

You opened Just a Warm Sleep and people came in from outside.  I could feel, not just hear, their relieved sighs.

Outside it was glacial, the kind of cold that makes metal frost up and stick to people’s hands.

Those nights – people needed you and you came through- you let them inside for Just a Warm Sleep.


Inside –

it was perfect –

not too warm –

definitely not the least bit cold –

full of welcome and quiet company. 

There were men;

There were women.

There were some who at just 18 still looked like children.

Thanks to you- 

All were welcomed into warmth.

The people that came through to have that warm sleep – some of them brought a lot in and I wondered how they had carted it around so long. Some came in with nothing. Because of you they all left with more than they came with – a good night’s rest.

Some worked full time – some not at all.

The gift you gave to help us open – well, you inspired others.

They brought blankets, socks, scarves, toothbrushes.

Girl Guides came with handmade gifts!

I’m not used to working nights, but as the weather warms up, I’ll miss the relieved smiles you put on people’s faces as they pushed through the loneliness & ugliness of a night forgotten outside, as they pushed through and opened me, unlocked by you.

Thanks to you – door-opening donor!

– The Just a Warm Sleep doors of Augustine United Church

PS: Luckily I kept my day job! I won’t be lonely.

Everyday thanks to you I still open for the lunch program at Oak Table – where people come in for community – lots of hugs – and some healthy eats.

In the summer they come for gardening, too – your generous gifts to those in need in our city lets me keep that up!

Thank you!


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