You Open Doors! You let people have Just A Warm Sleep!

By 1JustCity Citizen
February 3, 2017

A safe place to sleep!




Just a Warm Sleep is offering Winnipeg’s underloved a place to rest, to lay their head in the warmth and safety of Augustine United Church in the heart of Osborne Village.

As an emergency response we’ve kept our costs low, only $250 a night for 15 people to get a warm safe restful sleep, a toiletry kit, and a blanket to call their own.

64 heroes are needed to help make this possible.

We think you’re a hero, and you can help.

You can open the doors for people who are otherwise sleeping outside. With your donation, or pledge raising of $250 you offer people a place to escape the bone chilling cold of the Winnipeg winter nights. Winnipeg where dampness can mean toes that hurt so badly you can barely walk to the shelter of a bus shack – never mind the 45 minute trek to the nearest overnight shelter.

People on the street need more options – they need you to provide them with Just a Warm Sleep… ultimately it’s not a lot to ask for.

Yet the difference you’ll make in someone’s day, week, and their whole life; when you make them feel warm, welcomed, and loved, when you provide them with Just A Warm Sleep; you’ll turn torment into comfort. You’ll provide the desperately needed rest one needs when experiencing the crisis of homelessness. You’ll let people know they are not forgotten.

Attached you’ll find a pledge sheet – you can ask your colleagues, your family, your friends – and we can open our doors for a night in your honour, in the honour of someone you love, anonymously or of course in the name of your work place, sports team, or a group you want.
You can also donate online at

Will you be a Door Opener?

Sign up below and we’ll email you your pledge form! 

Sincerely, Everyone sleeping warm tonight thanks to you! 

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