Just a Warm Sleep 2018

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
November 28, 2017


A safe place to sleep!

Last year we asked you to make it right, and make an emergency warming shelter at Augustine United Church in Osborne Village possible AND YOU DID IT!!!! 

One of the women who accessed Just A Warm Sleep (JaWS) last year had been homeless for a while but had never slept at a shelter. When she came to Just a Warm Sleep for the first time she stood out, her clothes were pretty nice but mostly it was her agitation. She was very on edge, very tense, she always took the corner to sleep. 

The first time she came I didn’t think she’d come back, but the next time it was my shift there she was. Her behaviour still agitated but less on edge, a little less tense. 

Another volunteer asked her once why she had not gone to a shelter before ours- her words reminded me that you’re also providing her choice. She said “I can’t go to that end of town or those places – he’s there.” 

He is her abuser – and last year for a short time you were her protector. Faced with the realities of our winter and the recent freedom from an abusive relationship she would have had nowhere to sleep except that you helped. Coming to Just A Warm Sleep meant she could keep her job, she showered at her gym before work, and she gradually re-built her life and stopped needing to come to JaWS.  

In that moment of urgent need – you made sure she had somewhere to rest for the weariness of her day and of her experiences. You showed her strength of good in this world – she won’t need you again this winter but someone just like her DOES NEED YOU!


Please donate NOW! 

All donations (up to $5000) before December 31st 2017 will be matched making your impact double!!!! 


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  2. urbanknightsandladies says:

    if you guys need some cots let me know mike @ 204 588 5234

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