Justice for Errol

By 1JustCity Citizen
July 21, 2016


Errol Greene, husband and father of three, was arrested on April 29th 2016 for a breach. He was brought to the Winnipeg Remand Centre, where he was denied his epilepsy medication for three days (despite repeatedly requesting it). Errol suffered a seizure on May 1st. His cell mate tried assisting him, but guards told him to move aside and handcuffed Errol. He was placed in a different cell, alone, and for the next hour he pleaded for medical attention. He was ignored. As a result, he had a second seizure and died. Many have testified similar experiences of being denied prescription medication. This is a systematic problem in the Remand Centre, and a human rights violation. The Remand’s policies create significant obstacles for inmates to access their medication.

Join Errol’s family, friends, and supporters at 3 pm on Saturday, July 23rd at the Winnipeg Remand Centre (141 Kennedy), to remember Errol and hold the WRC accountable for his senseless and preventable death. Keewatin Otchitchak (Northern Crane) Traditional Women Singers will also be present.

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