Meet Me at the Bell Tower

By 1JustCity Member
May 9, 2016

Every Friday at 6pm, a group of people gathers next to the Bell Tower on Selkirk and Powers in the North End. They are part of a weekly rally known as Meet Me and the Bell Tower (MM@BT), which has been happening rain or shine since November 2011. The rally is led by members of the Aboriginal Youth Opportunities.

This rally is a gathering to show young people that there is hope, and people who care about them in the community. At MM@BT, solutions are discussed about how to improve life in the North End. Each week there is a different focus to the rally, where a range of issues such as child welfare, violence, racism, and reconciliation are discussed. There is often an outside group that is invited to share, including the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, the Muslim community, us here at 1JustCity, the Labour Council, and JCI Winnipeg.

The media mainly shows negative or sad things that are taking place in the North End, and this weekly rally is trying to show more positive things that are happening in the area. It is about being pro-active in talking about what works well in the community and celebrate those successes.

Each Friday, MM@BT is reclaiming the North End, as a safe and loving place, for anyone to come and not fear violence. The Bear Clan, a group of community volunteers that helps keep the community safe is also present at MM@BT every week, before heading out to patrol the streets in the evening.

As Meet Me at the Bell Tower continues every Friday, they also continue to be a shining beacon of hope and love in the North End for all of Winnipeg and are working towards having a safer community for everyone.


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