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Good Reads on Being an Ally and Understanding Colonialism

Acoose, Janice (1995) Ishwewak- Kah’ Ki Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak Neither Indian Princesses Nor Easy Squaws, Women’s Press, Toronto, Ontario. Aime Cesaire,. (2000) Discourse on Colonialism. New York: Monthly Review Press. Arendt, H. (1994). Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (revised and enlarged edition). New York: Penguin. Agtuca, 2008, Jacqueline. (2008) “Beloved Read more…

Just Read: @ McNally Robinson

Couldn’t Join the Just Read Book Club- Don’t worry we’ll keep you updated~ Our first meeting was last week and we chose our text using a ‘preference consensus model’ which was super fascinating and actually quite quick! Katherine who wrote this week’s reading summary presented on all three texts, then we ruled out one text Read more…

Our new Student! – Welcome Carrie

From now until April we have a new student on our team at 1JustCity supporting the work of St Matthews Maryland, Oak Table and West Broadway community ministries. She’ll be getting to know folks, then doing some research about what factors led to them using our services, the effects our services have for them in Read more…

1 Just Film Night

    We watched Life On Victor Street We had three great presenters We talked about our roles in making change And now… We’ll let the photos speak for themselves

1JustCity Member in Focus: West Broadway Community Ministry

West Broadway Community Ministry has its first annual Walk-A-Mile event in the West Broadway neighborhood raising over $13,000 for the essential services we provide. At 1JustCity we took the opportunity to make a video highlighting all that West Broadway Community Ministry does so you could get to know it better! Please Share!    

A Women’s Leadership Movement

Celebrating 100 Years of a Women’s Leadership Movement – CGIT By Tessa Whitecloud I got invited to talk about my experiences of CGIT at the 100th anniversary of the group which was founded by some women drinking tea thinking about how there needed to be more leadership opportunities for young girls that focused on social Read more…

The Speaker Series (Association of Aboriginal Commerce Students)

Looking for a fun and interactive way to increase your knowledge on issues affecting all non-indigenous and indigenous students? This year the Association of Aboriginal Commerce Students is excited to announce the creation of a year long Speakers Series! Every month, we will bring in a guest, community leader, or student leader to share their Read more…

What’s in a Photo? (Canadian Red Cross)

What is in a photo? “Whatever else one might see or feel when looking at a picture of human suffering — outrage, sadness, disbelief — I think an essential reaction is a sense of compassion. Compassion humanizes issues, helps us identify with others and requires us to correct that which is unacceptable.” – James Nachtwey, Read more…

Aboriginal Designers Cooperative

We love to hear about people working together, like we do!!! Here is a great note from & about the Aboriginal Designers Cooperative! On September 2, 2015 the Aboriginal Designers Cooperative opened its doors, located on the main floor of Neechi Commons at 865 Main Street, Winnipeg Mb. The cooperative is made up of 6 Read more…

Bardamos without Borders

    From our friend Shauna, Bordamos Without Borders Part embroidery lesson, part show of solidarity! We’ll be stitching messages of safety and encouragement onto care packages for Latin American migrants riding the cargo trains through Mexico in search of a better life. This embroidery bee is inspired by contemporary justice embroidery movements in Mexico Read more…

Connect with 1JustCity

1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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We work with amazing partners & support the work for 5 non-for-profits
rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Church of Canada.
Learn more about them here.


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