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West Broadway & the Auto Centre

Mike at the Auto Centre At The Bay downtown is willing to give WBCM $3.00 from each oil change his shop does during the months of September & October. Book now to take advantage of this great way to care for  your care & help 1JustCity’s member West Broadway Community Ministry!

A National Aids Strategy

Just as Joey mentioned in yesterday’s post, the work is not done for equality. Whether that is for those experiencing homophobia, or those experiencing illness! Here at 1JustCity we love to hear of great advocates, hard work and stories of success from those who are working for Justice in Winnipeg and all around! Bob was in touch because Read more…

3 for 1JustCity!

  All you need to do 3 Amazing Actions for Justice is 3 minutes of your time and 3 spare dollars! 1- Donate 3$ today to give us a chance to win $10,000; Do that HERE 2-  Share this with three people (or more) so others might do the same 3- Let us know on Read more…

All are Welcome, and We’re Proud of that!

This weekend close to 50 people represented the United Church of Canada on the Winnipeg Pride Parade. Represented was Manitoba North Western Ontario Conference folks, Rainbow Ministry and many of our affirming churches! We are thrilled with how Pride went this year in Winnipeg, focused on the theme of Evolution; some reflections below on the ideas of Joey Read more…

Toiletries Please!

When’s the last time you showered? When is the last time you went days without showering? Perhaps on a canoe trip, at the lake, or in the winter when it was too cold to get your hair wet. Many people who access our 1JustCity sites have difficulty accessing the basic daily luxury of a shower. Read more…

Be Not Afraid Award

The 2015 NOT AFRAID TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY AWARD is being presented by the Provincial Council of Women Manitoba to Lynda Trono: social activist, feminist, community educator and deeply committed person of faith. The annual award is presented to a Manitoba woman who has demonstrated a creative activist response in an attempt to bring Read more…

Community in New Places

This weekend I had the pleasure of talking about 1JustCity with people up in Thompson, MB. I spoke to a group from the Lutheran United Church about the way that 1JustCity does Social Justice. 1JustCity has a faith background and a strong belief that what we do for others is done because it advantages all Read more…

Richard’s TRC Reflections

Cultural genocide, thousands of children dead while in care, horrific abuse and neglect! We are learning about what occurred in the era of Indian Residential Schools. In the mid 60’s our family briefly hosted a young girl in our home. I don’t even remember her name, but I do remember she seemed very shy. My Read more…

1Action for 1JustCity

For some of you the weekend might be your reprieve from work for others this might be your Monday, either way we welcome you to make 1Action to make this 1JustCity! You can create a more just community by: Kindly pointing out to someone how the words they’ve chosen could hurt, offend or reinforce bad Read more…

Small but Mighty

I had the pleasure of speaking at Gordon King United Church just before Christmas about the power of hope, and recognizing what we take for granted just before Christmas. The congregation though few in the pew is strong, vibrant, energetic and innovative. I had so much fun! And they’re sending us to the beach! People Read more…

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1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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