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Meet 1JustCity’s Indigenous Cultural Programmer: Vicki Catagas

Vicki Catagas is our Indigenous Cultural Programmer. Her maternal instinct as a caregiver and her role as a traditional Indigenous knowledge keeper allows her genuine open-minded spirit to welcome all people to better understand Indigenous ways of being and Indigenous ways of knowing at 1JustCity. Through the Indigenous Cultural Programming Drop-in at 1JustCity, Vicki, uses Read more…

The Heart of the Home

Home can mean a lot of things. Your home is safe. Your home is secure. Your home is likely centred around the kitchen with your family. Home is a place to be yourself, to grow, and to build a strong sense of community. For many of Winnipeg’s underloved, 1JustCity’s St Matthew’s Maryland is that for Read more…

May 16th Caring Hearts Luncheon

Join us as we celebrate the amazing contributions of Irene and Yvonne.  

Just a Warm Sleep’s Last night 2018 Season

Just a Warm Sleep is closed for 2018 but our last weekend was one of Joy! Volunteers & Donors made possible this moment last night; Where thanks to your generosity we opened our doors for those in need to sleep inside. Donors made possible this moment last night;     Where sleepers gathered for conversation Read more…

Easter morning meal

A meal for a meal – your donation for 1 buys 2!  As one of the supporters of 1JustCity’s Just a Warm Sleep you know that we have to make the call based on the weather forecast which makes it hard to plan in advance. We just confirmed we’ll be open this weekend and we’d Read more…

Love Winnipeg’s Underloved with a small monthly donation

1JustCity Supporters, As a donor or volunteer at 1JustCity – like me – you’re making changes every day in people’s lives. When I get a hug from a loved one, it makes me think of Michael who comes to Oak Table (one of 1JustCity’s sites) for daily hugs. And I remember that you and I Read more…

May 5th Spring Dinner – member charity Oak Table

Stories of the would be #underloved

Join us on a Journey to Valentine’s Day to understand better those who identified that if it weren’t for our member charities they would be underloved. Hear from them their stories and all that you make possible that is love in our city!   Sometimes our best friends are animals, Nadia and her elderly cats Read more…

The Sharing Circle- Re blog

“The outreach ministries welcomes individuals who need support and access to basic needs, healthcare, programming, and community. It was a cold and snowy day when I visited the Sharing Circle at St. Mathew’s Maryland Outreach Ministry. Minister Josh Ward welcomed me in and led me to an open space downstairs where it was festively decorated in Read more…

Loving the Underloved

Why loving the “underloved”? Underloved was our guests’ idea – they identified that they came in to feel a sense of family, to get hugs, to be listened to, and for our volunteers to know their names and be joyful at their arrival. That’s love! Love sometimes looks like socks, toiletries, food and especially advocacy. Read more…

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1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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We work with amazing partners & support the work for 5 non-for-profits
rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Church of Canada.
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