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Be a Connector – JustGifts!

Staying connected is easy, if you have a computer and internet connection. If you don’t its suddenly a lot more difficult to find out when the bus is coming, when the doctors office is open, or even the weather. If you don’t its hard to wish family and friends a Happy Birthday! or send a Read more…

Can You Read This? – JustGifts!

Imagine you’re trying to sign a lease but you can’t read it. You know that once you sign whatever it says is legally binding. Who do you ask? The person you’re signing the lease with might take advantage if they know you can’t read it, but you have no money for a lawyer. This happens.. Read more…

A Cup of Calm in Chaos- JustGifts!

Had your coffee yet today? How much did it cost, or did you brew it in the comfort of your home? Everyday we serve a lot of coffee at our drop-ins, and your help is needed to make sure that cup of calm in the chaos of the lives of 1JustCity guests continues. Coffee lovers, Read more…

Christmas Spirit Socks – JustGifts!

Buying socks for your dad for Christmas? Tack on some socks for those in need like Skinny Bird! At 1JustCity drop-ins, thanks to you spreading love with the under-loved, as a gift for those you love, people have their basic needs met; like socks! Order your JustGifts! here.

Help people find the beauty in themselves – JustGifts!

Got an art lover on your shopping list? Buy them a gift that keeps on giving, a lovely card with Janet’s picture and quote, and they’ll know they’re supporting people to find in the beauty in themselves. Order now here!   

Can you be the heart?

When YOU give, we get to LOVE people who otherwise are THE ALONE, THE HURT and THE FORGOTTEN. You remember them with your gift. Monthly donors, no matter how large or small the contribution help us provide reliable services for Winnipeg’s Under Loved. They’re the heart of it! Can you be the heart? Sign up Read more…

Escape Poverty Challenge Survey

What do YOU think? Tell us your thoughts on Escape Poverty Challenge so we can make it better next year!  

Escape Poverty Challenge Day 5

On this last day, of the Escape Poverty Challenge, we hope you’ve had friends and family filling in your pledge sheet and enjoying posts about the challenge. Bring donations to 109 Pulford Ave between 1-4pm November 18th. Still collecting for the weekend? Contact Tessa to arrange pick up at 204-995-2944 Or direct all your friends Read more…

Escape Poverty Challenge Day 4

Today- you’ve taken the challenge, now commit to the change and book a volunteer shift with any non-for-profit you like! We always have opportunities to volunteer at our drop-ins or planning fun events! Collect items for overnight street care kits, either make them with your team or bring them into a drop off location and they’ll Read more…

Escape Poverty Challenge Day 3

Today – get around in a new way #NewRide What will it be? A bike? A bus? Walking Backwards? Anything to represent the struggle of waiting in lines (sometimes more than three hours per day for services, busses, meals, supports and more) and the struggle of not being able to afford transportation. Even the cost Read more…

Connect with 1JustCity

1JustCity seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyse neighbours to work together to achieve social justice in our Winnipeg

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We work with amazing partners & support the work for 5 non-for-profits
rooted in the social justice tradition of the United Church of Canada.
Learn more about them here.


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