November Wishlist from Northend!

By 1JustCity Member
October 31, 2016

Wish list November 2016

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From our charity member Northend Stella Community Ministry

  1. Cooking/baking supplies- flour, baking powder, oil, coffee, tea bags, whitener, sugar, cake mix, cookie mix or recipes, salt & pepper, Kraft dinner, pizza sauces, any nonperishable items, etc.
  2. Canned fruit, canned soups, soup mixes (chicken noodle, tomato soup) etc.
  3. Personal hygiene items for women – shampoos, body wash, lotions, tooth brushes and pastes, hair brushes, socks, underwear, pads, panty liners, etc
  4. Small Gifts; Picture frames, art work pictures, candles & holders. Coffee mugs, bandages, place mats, cups, storage containers, mitts, hair accessories, jewelry for girls, toys, male body wash, stuff for men for their sons, grandsons. Gifts for young children (boys & girls).

Thank you for all your donations. Most of these women have grandchildren and great grandchildren and can’t really afford to buy Christmas gifts, so when we have draws for door prizes for participants they really appreciate a little bit of help to give a gift to their gran babies. THANK YOU!

Rev. Connie Budd, North End Stella Community Ministry.

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