By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
December 6, 2017

Who New ‘Plarn’ing was so much



That was AMAZING!!!

We’ll be making more mats on January 7th from 1-5pm at Augustine United Church 🙂 we’ll be 1 week into being open at Just a Warm Sleep by then so feel free to also bring your pledges in that day! All donations over $20 get a tax receipt.

You can get started on your plarn now though!

Step 1 – Cut handles and seems off your plastic bags

Step 2-  Cut plastic bags into four strips to create big loops.

Step 3 – Attach these loops together by looping one end around the other

Step 4-  Repeat a lot

Step 5 – Roll up Plarn and bring it on January 7th!


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  1. Xxxx says:

    Do you still need plastic bags

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