Right to Housing!

By 1JustCity
June 23, 2015
Right to Housing Rally

Right to Housing Rally

It is with excitement that 1JustCity shares some of the great work being pursued by the Right to Housing Coalition here in our Winnipeg! The Coalition hosted a walk through the West Broadway area on Monday, June 22/15. Although housing issues are numerous in West Broadway it serves well as an example of how other areas of Winnipeg, and Canada are struggling to house low-income, and even median-income families.

The walk was followed by a meeting at 1JustCity’s member West Broadway Community Ministry where we discussed housing barriers in Winnipeg, and what those barriers mean lived out in people’s lives. During that time we explored the most recent report, which discusses some key issues including the loss of close to 50% of Winnipeg’s rooming houses. It is such places that house our most vulnerable and low income citizens. As a result of the lack of federal support for social housing since the early 90s new projects are difficult for Provincial Governments to take on, and soon long standing low-income housing will be hard to maintain as operating agreements end. Finally, we learnt about how it is exciting to see mixed income neighbourhoods, like that being established in West Broadway. However, the gentrification of old neighbourhoods also poses a threat to push out current residents and reduce the availability of low-income housing even more. It is about seeking just balance, the for-profit housing market is taking care of those needing the higher-income homes, and we need more being done to take care of, create and maintain lower in come houses. The Right To Housing Coalition has launched a brief called “Housing for All Manitobans”.  It includes policy changes to re-engage the federal government in the provision of social housing and to enhance private sector capacity to build affordable rental housing. Read more here

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