Sometimes the best is possible with you!

By 1JustCity Citizen
June 1, 2016
At Spur Festival Winnipeg there was an evening featuring Winona LaDuke who spoke about several pressing topics including food security, indigenous issues, and climate change. Winona is well-known for being an environmental and indigenous activist from Minnesota, who challenges dominant ways of knowing.She says “I’m not a protestor, I’m a protector of the Earth” and she’s working hard to make sure the next generation is too!

Some things she pointed out you’ll find interesting!

– When European art is studied, it’s studied as a part of art history, but when indigenous art is studied, it’s considered part of anthropology. This is part of still valuing Western knowledge over Indigenous knowledge

–  Stories, including those of indigenous peoples are often reported out of context, without relevant historical analysis that can deeply affect the story being told.

– Protestors can ‘win’ through consistent actions like how they stopped Enbridge!

– There are traditional growing methods that could help us reduce our reliance on oil in agriculture.

Sometimes the best technology is the oldest way of doing things.

Sometimes the best way forward is to look back and see whose voices of wisdom we didn’t hear that we can listen to now.

Sometimes the best people are the ones we might write off.

All of the time, these are the ways we can move forward to a more JustCity. Darn socks, plant in relation with the earth, listen, and write no one off!

Thank you for letting us continue this work of listening – through compassionate listening to the voices un-heard,

Thank you for letting us respond to the TRC calls to action so we may look back and do right moving forward,

Thank you for contributing to our work financially so everyone has a place to go that they are not written off!


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