(Stories) Sadie & Fresh I.E.’s story

By 1JustCity
November 9, 2013
Fresh I.E.

Fresh I.E.

Over a decade ago, Rob Wilson made a decision that would have a profound effect – not only on his life, but on generations to come. Better known as Fresh I.E., Wilson decided to walk away from a life of crime, drugs and alcohol. Today, Fresh is a two-time Grammy nominee and an ordained minister who works with troubled youth in Winnipeg’s inner city, spreading a message of hope, love and redemption.



Today, Fresh’s daughter, Trish, carries the legacy of that choice. An up-and-coming hip hop artist in her own right, ‘Sadie’, shows that a giving spirit is in the family genes. She’s taken on a mentorship role with aboriginal youth and generously volunteers her time and talents to raise awareness about 1Hope and what it offers the people it serves.

“I am grateful for all the gifts in my life and I want to give back,” she says. “Nothing could be more satisfying than the thought of my music sparking change or hope in someone’s life. That’s what it’s all about.”

Sadie’s fun and giving spirit shines through in the single “My World” feat. Bubba B the MC. Produced by two-time Grammy nominee, Fresh I.E., the remix has been donated to 1Hope Winnipeg to raise funds so the five inner city ministries can continue to fulfill their important role in the community.

Find out more about Sadie here.

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