The First Week!

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
June 3, 2015
Tessa Blaikie Fun(d) Developer 1JustCity

Tessa Blaikie
Fun(d) Developer

It is with great excitement that I share information about my first week working full time for 1JustCity. My role is to support the sustainability of the United Church of Canada’s five outreach community ministries including; Northend Stella Community Ministry, West Broadway Community Ministry, St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry, Rainbow Ministry and Oak Table Community Ministry. An extension of that work is to promote social justice work in our city and make 1JustCity top of mind when we think about social justice in our city, just as the social gospel is top of mind for how we, in the United Church, seek to live social justice.

1JustCity, therefore, is an organization that seeks to strengthen, unite and catalyze social justice work in the city of Winnipeg. I am thrilled to work for an organization that seeks to sustain the amazing work being done on the front-line of poverty, of isolation and of struggle in our communities. It has been exciting to work with new partners and we’ll continue that as the innovative and compassionate projects being taken on to make our city more just, more loving and more community-oriented are thrilling to support.

Our conception through 1HopeWinnipeg gives us strong roots of faith in the better Winnipeg we can build together. We don’t see justice as we walk the streets of our city, and we therefore must hope for what we do not see.
This my friends is faith!

We do not see compassion as we experience impatient drivers or rudeness, so we must be compassionate.
This my friends is forgiveness!

We must not fight to win, or we may forever feel defeated, we must fight because the fight itself is morally required of us!

In Solidarity,

Tessa Blaikie

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