By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
January 1, 2018

At 9:18 am today the phone call came that the pipes had burst at Augustine United Church – the heat was out, radiators everywhere were set to erupt, some already had.


Just a Warm Sleep would not be so warm.


By 9:56 am not 1 but 2 places had already offered to be the temporary host for Just a Warm Sleep (Crescent Fort Rouge United Church and Young United Church in Crossways in Common).

As an organization with three sites, 1JustCity is a benefactor of amazing flexibility. ‘Oak Table Inc.’ and ‘West Broadway Community Services’ are hosted by Augustine United Church and Crossways in Common respectively. The space that Augustine United Church offers the community is essential, they’re currently raising funds for upgrades, and building development to make sure they can continue to be that space.

You can be a part of the vital work they’re offering, you can leave a mark on a historic building that serves a vital purpose to the community- donate here! 

Just a Warm Sleep will open

tonight after all!

WHERE: Crossways in Common 222 Furby St.

WHEN: Volunteer training 8-9:30pm (Media Welcome)

Intake 10-11pm

VOLUNTEER Contact: Haley Hickey

MEDIA Contact: Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud – 204-995-2944

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