This week at West Broadway

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
June 24, 2015

IMG_1049Thanks to Kiara who not only rocks amazing t-shirts but also helps WBCM rock out by donating her gently used Guitar!

This week I have had the pleasure to shadow Lynda Trono around at West Broadway to get a sense of the type of work she does. Lynda not only deserves the Not Afraid to Get your hand Dirty Award she also deserves a clone! Lynda’s job entails responding to immediate needs of the people in the ministry, about every minute, whilst making sure that the ministry supports the strong community and amazing initiatives being taken on to tackle poverty, has the right amount of food, volunteers, and so on each day it’s open, manages the shared space.. I could go on. Lynda responds to interruption with compassion, with an ear, and with a solution no matter the level of focus whatever she was working on demanded seconds prior. She knows everyone’s name at the ministry, helps build a collegial environment often predicting and preventing possible negative interactions and always honouring, affirming and caring for the many people who spend time at WBCM. West Broadway is a great example of a place where compassionate community happens, and their mentoring program also helps community members learn to do their financials, advocate for themselves when landlords take advantage, and much much more! They are creating positive change, and it shows!

A week ago I asked Lynda what West Broadway needed. Sometimes it is outside of our means to contribute financially but we’d love a reason to get rid of the guitar collecting dust since we tried to learn, the fans we don’t use since we got AC or the old towels we have laying around, fortunately you can do all three at once at West Broadway I’d even come pick them up!

West Broadway is also planning a really exciting event for September 26th called “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Save the Date now! And look for more information soon!

In the interim, maybe all you want to do is pop by, get a sense of the place and listen to Ryan play some wonderful tunes on WBCM’s new guitar!

Filling West Broadway with wonderful music!

Filling West Broadway with wonderful music!

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