Toiletries Please!

By 1JustCity
June 12, 2015

When’s the last time you showered? When is the last time you went days without showering? Perhaps on a canoe trip, at the lake, or in the winter when it was too cold to get your hair wet. Many people who access our 1JustCity sites have difficulty accessing the basic daily luxury of a shower. Showering is a luxury! Recently some 1JustCity supporters were being showered… wait it’s not as weird as it sounds, showered in gifts! This is an even bigger luxury, showered in gifts for a birthday, a graduation, or in this case a wedding. Often, we are in want, of something updated, or new, when we know what we have will do. As was the case for this young couple, so they asked that in the love their community wanted to shower them in, could they instead shower the 1JustCity community in gifts. Check out all the toiletries they collected!!! Our social networks make us strong, and not everyone has a couch to crash in during hard times, or family to hold us up. Consider using your strong social network to shower those without one in gifts. When’s the next time your to be showered with gifts? Connect with Tessa our fun (d) developer for ideas and a showering of support to plan an event that meets the community’s needs.

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