Stories of the would be #underloved

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
February 3, 2018

Join us on a Journey to Valentine’s Day to understand better those who identified that if it weren’t for our member charities they would be underloved.

Hear from them their stories and all that you make possible that is love in our city!


Sometimes our best friends are animals,

Nadia and her elderly cats rely on the food bank at St Matthews Maryland Community Ministry.

In her words “The food bank supplies have been a godsend. I never thought I’d been in a situation where I would need to ask for help. I hope when I get back on my feet financially that I will be able to contribute something back. My elderly cats and I thank you most sincerely”

When you show love to Nadia, you let her love and provide for her cats, instead of poverty making her need to give them up. 

Love sometimes is making sure someone has the simple things, like socks, toiletries, and a warm meal. Thanks to your generosity these folks don’t go #underloved #loveissocks (soup, and so much more) and you make it possible for those in need to get them.


It takes a lot of heart to run 1JustCity’s drop-in sties. Our amazing staff team only pulls it off because of hundreds of volunteers giving of their time and their love. It was our community guests that talked about coming in for love – they said the love they get from the volunteers helps them be less lonely and feel a part of community. Our volunteers say the same thing!


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