By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
June 24, 2015

No It’s not a Typo, These are VolunTeens


Liam and Pat, VolunTeen leaders!

This summer 1JustCity is so pleased to be partnering with VolunTeen!

What’s that mean? Great Question!

VolunTeen is a weekly day camp for youth that connects them to resources in their community, teaches them job skills, improves their self-confidence and of course talks about how much volunteering helps our community be strong and healthy!

At 1JustCity all of our partner organizations regularly benefit from the amazingness that are volunteers! In fact we have over 30,000 hours of volunteer power at our sites in just one year!

This summer VolunTeen will be running special afternoon programs like board games, nutritional bingo, kereokee, crafts and more, as well as cleaning, cooking, and creating for all our drop-in sites. Some will also be doing emergency food distribution and pastoral care. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-3 VolunTeen will be making a difference with 1JustCity and we’ll start the week with each new group of youth talking about Poverty and Privilege. Its important to connect why volunteering matters to what we’re actually doing when we volunteer!

Do you want to volunteer? There are so many ways!

Do you wish you had a crew to help you? The VolunTeen crew is also happy to come do landscaping, painting, or almost anything for a donation to 1JustCity!

Get this happy crew to help you!

Get this happy crew to help you!

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