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Oak Table

Volunteer with Oak Table

Oak Table host meals and programming in the heart of Osborne Village. There are various positions available. As a volunteer and representative of Oak table Community Ministry we ask that you arrive on time, maintain good communication with staff, and treat each person who enters our doors with dignity and respect.

Positions Available:

Administrative Assistant
Art Volunteer
Drop in Set up /Clean Up
Food Preparation and Service

Below are some basic expectations of each role.

Administrative Assistant

  • Answer the phone and take messages as necessary
  • Check the voicemail and respond or forward to the appropriate staff person
  • Check emails and refer to appropriate staff. Consult with Minister is information appears urgent.
  • As volunteers arrive track their attendance and make sure they are wearing name tags
  • Make sure sign-in sheets are in place for the drop in
  • Be available to receive donations when they arrive, receive and record the donations and then stock cupboards
  • Photocopy, file, fax, and shred as assigned
  • Update bulletin board and keep tidy
  • Set up reception box ensuring that when supplies are available there is a little of everything, shampoo, toothpaste, socks, soap



  • Check in with the staff for instructions for the day find out from staff if there are any particular guests that are seeking support or advocacy or if appointments have been scheduled for individuals to meet with you
  • Become familiar with the various “systems” including housing, food banks, medical supports available, bus schedules etc.
  • Listen actively to guests, attending to their words and what is not being said
  • Attend meetings and appointment with guests if the guest requests support
  • Assist with filling out forms for guests and or making phone inquiries on his/her behalf

Art Volunteer

  • Cover table with plastic table clothes
  • Set up art area with various art medium,
  • Encourage folks from the drop in to join in and reinforce community spirit.
  • Be available to answer questions and assist guests at the tables
  • Clean up and put supplies away


  • Ensure guest signup sheet is available
  • Prepare the space and available supplies, including broom and dustpan
  • Call our names on the list in the order they have signed in. If someone indicates they want to wait their name goes to the bottom of the list.
  • If guests hair is unclean and put others at risk, refuse haircut
  • Wash hands frequently and disinfects combs and tools between each cut.
  • Sweep floors as necessary
  • Clean up supplies at the end of the day ensuring the disinfecting has taken place.



  • Become familiar with the commercial dishwasher and the process for loading and unloading it according to the Public Health guidelines
  • Set up the kitchen sink area making certain the strainer is inserted into the sink and that sinks do not become clogged
  • Ensure that a “slop” pail is available on the dish return table to encourage guests to clean their own plates

Drop in Set up /Clean Up

  • Locate cleaning supplies, buckets, and bleach under the sink in the kitchen and prepare ¾ pail of hot water and I cap of bleach for spills and cleanup. (buckets must all carry a label of “chairs” “ tables” and “kitchen”
  • Prepare mop pail for wet or muddy floors and spills
  • Assist where needed ensuring that coffee and tea supplies are available at all time
  • The drop in is open until 3:30 unless tables are empty prior to 3:30 they can be cleaned but quietly so as not to hurry guests.
  • Prepare 4 – ¾ fill pails water and 1 cap of bleach for tables and chairs (do not use previously prepared water)
  • Pails marked with the word “tables” must be only used on tables
  • All tables must be thoroughly wiped down and each chair must be wiped down and then stacked
  • Floors must be swept before leaving

Food Preparation and Service

  • Prepare food according to the provincial food certification guidelines. Review “Safe Food Handling” video for a refresher.
  • Wipe down all food surfaces by preparing a 3/4 filled ice cream pail with water labeled “kitchen” and 1 cap of bleach
  • Prepare food consulting with staff and other volunteers to ensure that enough is prepared and that food is used in “good stewardship”.
  • Offer guests a choice if there is one and remind them that there is only one helping.
  • If food is left over at the end of the day it should be stored for the next day.
  • If food is left over and cannot be stored place it on a serving tray and go into the drop in and hand food out to individuals (do not allow guests to take their own food off the tray)
  • Clean kitchen at the end of the shift using the “kitchen” labeled pail – 3/4 filled with water and 1 cap of bleach.


  • Ensure that all supplies and paperwork are set up on the sign in table
  • Attempt to become familiar with names and greet people individually
  • Pay attention to people who have entered the building under the influence of drugs or alcohol and ensure them that they will be fed but cannot remain in the building.
  • Answer questions that guest might have about Oak Table and refer them to the staff if you are unable to answer their questions.


  • Supervise and support guests in brain training program
  • Prepare data collection forms from templates provided
  • Maintain free subscriptions with Lumosity
  • Monitor and maintain attendance reports of guests
  • Orient and train volunteers on Lumosity program in collaboration with Oak Table Community Ministry staff
  • Implement Lumosity program including administering activation codes and communication with Lumosity
St. Matthew’s-Maryland

Volunteer with St. Matthew’s-Maryland

Apply Here:

Food Supplement (Food Bank) Supervisor

Provide oversight for the distribution of food from Winnipeg Harvest. The program is offered every Monday and Friday. There is an opening for Monday, every other week, and for a casual floater.

Childminder Mentor

To provide support to paid childminders during a 10-week parenting program for women and preschoolers. Thursday mornings, mid-September to mid-November.

Hospitality: Kitchen Server

Make and serve coffee and sandwiches to drop in guests. Monday and Fridays, two shifts available: 11:00 to 2:00 and 2:00 to 4:30.

Admin Assistant

Provide support for office and administrative functions. Requires competency in Word and Excel. This position is casual.

Fundraising Team

Assist with a project to solicit sponsorship support for programs. Work includes planning, preparing materials and contacting potential supporters.

West Broadway

Volunteer with West Broadway

Apply HERE

Pastoral Care Team Member

We seek to create a welcoming environment for all, affirming the intrinsic value of all of our guests and supporting those with special needs. There is a monthly pastoral care meeting, and shifts are 12:30-3 every day but Tuesday, you can choose to volunteer weekly or bi-weekly. Training and peer evaluations I included.

  • Create a sense of community in which people feel welcome and safe. Diffuse conflicts and mediate as necessary.
  • Be a compassionate ear to those who are experiencing difficult life situations.
  • Answer questions or direct people to someone who can meet their needs (i.e. mentors, office personnel, or community minister). Take people to the laundry room and help them use machines.
  • Monitor the phones at the drop-in.
  • Distribute emergency food according to family size.
  • Be a part of the volunteer team; helping with clean up and other tasks as needed. Report to the Community Minister, the good and the bad; incidents for which reports need to be filled, and good news in the life of our guests and community.

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