We Will Wear What We Want

By Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud
November 7, 2015

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Women everywhere have the right to choose what to wear, whatever their personal style, culture or religious beliefs. To deny women that right contributes to a culture of violence. It is not up to politicians or society or even the fashion world to dictate what we wear.

On November 27 make your own statement about who you are as a woman and how you choose to look.

The action is simple:

On November 27 women are invited to wear what they want and gather for a picture holding a sign, “#WeWillWearWhatWeWant”. Share the photo through Twitter (@1JustCity), on the website 1JustCity.ca, by e-mail or any other means you like! Then post it to the Facebook page

#WeWillWearWhatWeWant is part of the United Nation’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence from November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10, Human Rights Day (see unwomen.org for more).

This year the UN Women’s campaign theme is inviting people to “Orange the world: End violence against women and girls.”  Some women may want to wear orange!

This action was initiated by 1JustCity (1JustCity.ca) and is co-sponsored by Institute for International Women’s Rights, Manitoba (IIWRMB.ca)

How to participate on November 27:

  1. Pick a time and place to gather on that day (e.g. at your workplace at coffee break, invite friends for breakfast, set up a table in the school cafeteria, host a potluck dinner, coordinate with your yoga class–it can be as simple or complicated as you want!).
  2. Go to Facebook and share the news about your event so we know who’s participating.
  3. Invite women (can be 1 to 1000!) to your event. Ask them to wear whatever they want. Consider including an invite to wear something orange in keeping with the UN theme.
  4. Take a picture of the group with a “#WeWillWearWhatWeWant sign.
  5. Post your picture on Twitter @1JustCity #WeWillWearWhatWeWant or on our Facebook 

    More Ideas


    • Play the “Stand Up If” game (below)
    • As women gather, ask them each to write on a piece of paper “I want to wear____________, because _______________.” Pin them to a mannequin if you have one, or on a flipchart board, for all to see and read during the event.
    • Host a discussion about what we wear and the link to violence.
    • Have a fashion show with each woman in attendance showing off what she’s wearing. At the beginning she could say, “I want to wear____________, because _______________.”
    • Find out what your government is doing to implement its obligations toward the universal human right to education. Write a group letter that holds your government accountable for taking action to end gender-based violence and discrimination against girls and other marginalized groups in places of education and learning!


    Stand Up If …

    …you wear boyfriend jeans

    …you wear skinny jeans

    …you wear stretchy jeans

    …you like wearing pink

    …you’ve worn a sweater because your mother was cold

    …you wear traditional clothing that is part of your heritage

    …you weren’t allowed to wear something by official rules

    …you wear makeup

    …you like to wear suits and ties

    …you cover your hair in public

    …you wear brand names

    …you think matching underwear is important

    …someone has told you not to wear something

    …you’ve ever worn something for courage

    …you’ve had your colours done and like to wear your season

    …you’ve worn a uniform

    …you’ve refused to wear something

    …you wear a bra

    …you like wearing hats

    …you got in trouble for wearing something at school

    …you wear a nose ring

    …you’ve been misjudged for what you were wearing

    …you like to wear comfortable clothes

    …you like to wear fashionable clothes

    …you like what you wear

    Think of your own!

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